National Sign Research & Education Conference (NSREC)

March 21-22, 2018 in Orlando Florida

Schedule of Events (subject to change)

1:00PMSmart ColumbusHow to reinvent mobility to lead us to a future beyond what anyone has yet imagined
2:00PMSRF Talks

SRF has engaged dozens of the top minds in Marketing, Design, Art, Architecture, Engineering, Urban Planning, and Law to conduct research on the most pressing concerns with signage in the urban environment. Hear from three of these researchers about the provocative work they have accomplished using modern methods and technology
Signage in Streetscape DesignPat Crawford, Michigan State University
Illuminated Sign ConspicuityJohn Bullough, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Digital Wayfinding Models & MethodsLeslie Wolke, Mapwell Consulting
3:00PMCommunity Aesthetics & the Regulatory SystemSRF will introduce a scenario that presents a quandary within existing sign regulations. The audience will confer with their table of mixed professional practices (designers, sign companies, planners, and retailers) to determine their analysis of how the project should be regulated.
3:00PM-5:00PMWorking RoundtablesThe audience will work in multidisciplinary groups of 10 to evaluate and design a blank streetscape using the information learned throughout the day. Each group will be given a set of sign regulations for their community and drawing tools to vision their solution. The groups will each present out their final solution and the projects will be showcased on the SRF website.



Apply for the SRF Scholars Program – Open to planners, landscape architects, academics and graduate students.

Hear what the Scholars had to say about their experience 

“The SRF Scholars Program was such a gift. I would have never met the people that I connected with had it not been for this program. I really felt like I was getting a ‘backstage pass' to all there is to know within the signage industry.”

Melanie Hoang (Sales/Project Manager, Archetype), 2017 Scholar

“Hands down the most productive and colorful learning experience everyone should participate in if given the opportunity! It's what you make of it, and introduces a huge part of the world delivered into a great package.”

Victor Guzman (Urban Planning Student, San Jose State University), 2017 Scholar

“To me, NSREC crystalized the entire ISA experience: learning about current and future advancements in signage, then engaging with other professionals to convert that knowledge into meaningful ideas on the spot. It was a creative brain workout!”

Blake Kishler (Designer, Kolar Design), 2017 ISA XDP

“This is one of the best conferences I have attended. I enjoyed networking with people from a variety of backgrounds. I especially enjoyed the roundtable discussion we had with our fellow peers to discuss the future of signage. Lastly, as a planner, speaking directly with sign code experts was an excellent experience that I will use to update our sign code.”

Michele Boni (Planning & Zoning Officer, Orange Township, Ohio), 2017 Scholar

“The mixers/socials gave us the opportunity to make new professional connections and the scheduling of events was thoughtful. I really enjoyed each of the speakers and found the content and presentations to be thought provoking- especially the impact of technology ( to include programs and immersion of disruptive technologies).”

Patricia Ortiz (Planner, Ortiz Planning Solutions), 2017 Scholar


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