“Read the Retail ROI publication, great information in there. Too many small retail shops look at signage as an expense, and not as an investment in the success of their business.”

– Kenneth Soday, Stellar Sign and Design

“I am finding your research extremely helpful. I gained knowledge both for my role within Downtown Ottawa’s Business Improvement Association, and to share with our local businesses.”
– Jasna Jennings, Ottawa BIA (Business Improvement Association)

“I used the SRF Urban Wayfinding Manual to guide Downtown Evanston through a full redesign and development of a new wayfinding system. I would love to see research or data on sign code issues to help me work with government officials.”

– Eric Santiago, Downtown Evanston

“The city planners and council took an absolute 180 degree reversal on their push for no more pole signs and restrictions on electronics and are now looking for ways to make their sign code much more flexible and supportive of business. If I hadn’t been there myself, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

– Jeff Young, YESCO

“I found your SCOTUS research and webinar to be very helpful in distinguishing what should and should not be in the sign code for the city I work for. Due to this information, I was able to get the same result the city would like without the potential challenges.”

– Brett Angell, City of Andover, Minnesota

“Being able to go argue a sign code with all that documentation and to show that colleges have researched these issues and how other communities have put these into practice was invaluable. The city council and the planning department did not have the facts to work with. We had facts, and people listen when you can put a stack of papers in front of them.”

– Mike Burnett, SignMedia

“I believe that the majority of SRF research provides information that people can put to immediate use. Thus, I would rate the Texas A&M traffic-safety study as the best presentation ever.”

– Anonymous survey response post-NSREC