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Thank you for considering contributing to the Sign Research Foundation. Every dollar counts in our mission to empower communities through sign research and education. Please fill out the form below to make your tax-deductible contribution to the Sign Research Foundation.

Top Three Reasons to Make a Significant Donation to the Foundation

1.    Communities are thriving because they have sign codes that support better navigation, strong local businesses and effective wayfinding. SRF will allocate nearly $100,000 to fund unbiased, university-based research on effective sign strategies and systems.

2.    Effective sign codes and regulations that help businesses grow, occur through educated planners and urban developers. SRF allocates significant financial resources to education and is changing the mindset of top planners and developers – over 4,000 in just the past two years!

3.    Graduate students need to better understand the impact of signs within their field of study – whether it be architecture, design, or urban planning. We provide scholarships and workshops, proactively educating them on the importance of signage within their profession.